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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: two general questions
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 15:24:44 GMT wrote:

> I'm a publications director looking for content management strategies 
> and have been having a lot of fun exploring Forrest -- personally I 
> think it's a great advance. Thanks and congratulations to everyone 
> who's helped (and is continuing to help) make it happen!
> Two general questions:
> 1. Is there a way to use Forrest to publish a set of files that live 
> in a separate place outside of Forrest? The file 
> lets me change the directory names and structure, but only within the 
> current 'forrest.home' context.  The cocoon.xconf settings let me 
> override that and point to any location, but then I'm probably 
> breaking lots of Forrest functions like search and site links.  Is 
> there a safe, sanctioned way to keep my content repository in a whole 
> separate place, even on a separate server, from the rest of a projects 
> files?  I'm figuring others may have run into this question, since 
> this is a central principle behind Cocoon.
I got it like this (Win XP)
* map a network drive to the forrest server, e.g. F: --> \\serverX\forrest
* set FORREST_:HOME accordingly
* map another drive to your content, e.g. G: --> \\serverY\
* store your content there, e.g. G:\myproject\
* do a 'forrest seed' there and create your content within that folder
* open a command window there from your local machine
* do 'forrest run'
* ah, Java is on my local machine
Result:  forrest runs on my local machine but it is stored on serverX, 
so that
everybody can use the same forrest (and I can update it in one place only).
Forrest picks up the content on serverY which is backed up regularily and
others can access the content, too.
Others can access my 'forrest run' by http://mymachine:8888/.

BTW: I hope you're not committing the same error as I did in the beginning:
place your content below the forrest installation directory. Use 
'forrest seed'
in a directory *somewhere* on your machine.

Is this of any help?
For #2 I haven't got an answer :-(


> 2. Where's the best place to direct questions about specific skins? 
>  I've been having a problem with the Tigris skin and have sent two 
> notes about it over the last month or two which no one seems to have 
> picked up on.  If it appears to be a bug, for example, should I be 
> sending to a separate list?
> Thanks in advance for any advice/direction!   

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