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From "Bhatia Praveen, HCLT-Japan" <>
Subject RE: i18n in Forrest
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 05:01:39 GMT
    Thanks Pablos. As per your recommendation, I have uncommented the i18n
option to true now in a default "forrest seed" and then "forrest run".

    I use a japanese os and pc. I get the following error on the

C:\Bhatia\website\KanjiSense1\src\documentation\content\xdocs\index_.xml (
In japanese the message is : set file is not found)

   What should I do now ? I also tried to copy the index.xml to the
translations directory and rename it as index_jp.xml but the same error


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From: Juan Jose Pablos []
Sent: Monday, November 15, 2004 8:17 PM
Subject: Re: i18n in Forrest

Hi Bhatia,

>    On a single page I would like to be able to translate a text "X Y Z"
What would be posible is to have the menus, and tabs translated.

>    to say 4 different langs from the translation tables. (This is similar
> the cocoon i18n examples in the samples but I am not able to repeat it in
> forrest).
>    Can you please guide me on how this could be done in forrest.

"Forrest seed"
uncomment i18n=true your
"forrest run"

Check under "src/documentation/translations" for the files.

You need to use todays version of svn.

check for more info

> regards
> Praveen

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