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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Propose: Extending HowTo-Style and a question
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 15:50:48 GMT

  writing my howto I found two things that imho could be improved in
  the dtd.

  1. The dtd currently does not accept class attributes. I can't see
     why class is allowed in simple documents but not here and I'd
     like to extend that.
     Btw: Even though it is illegal to use, my class attributes
     somehow make it into the finished page. Does that mean, that
     Forrest tests dtd-conformity but ignores the result?

  2. I find the steps content rather hard to read since there are no
     visual clues as to what is an instruction and what is an
     explanation of what happens when you follow it.

     So I'd like to suggest to introduce one new element
     named "instruction" that will can be rendered into a p with a
     specific class attribute and normally renders like a list item
     with a specific icon.

  which leads to a question regarding CSS and images:

  To keep rendering of the instructions flexible, I'd like to use CSS
  to show the desired icon in front of each instruction.

  That should be accomplished by a style like

  p.instruction {}
    display: list-item;  // makes a simple p display like a list
    list-style: url(checkmark.png) circle;

  that can become part of the original stylesheet, but could easily be
  overridden with an entry in skinconf.xml if you want something else.

  Now my problem is that I'm not sure where to place the image so that
  it gets copied and to refernce it properly.
  Other images I see in the style seem to come from the skin
  configuration (which is not what I want).
  Is there a way to properly do this?

Ferdinand Soethe

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