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From Ferdinand Soethe <>
Subject Re[3]: Tab-related images at top of Page
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 17:02:44 GMT
Could somebody perhaps give some feedback if this is a feasible way to
achieve a tab dependent image on top of a page? There was no further
comment to this thread some weeks ago.


Ferdinand Soethe wrote:

FS> Ross Gardler wrote:

RG>> There is not already a way to accomplish this. You would need to create
RG>> your own skin and modify site2xhtml.xsl to do this.

RG>> It sounds like a pretty cool feature, please add a request to the issue
RG>> tracker, and if you do create the functionality for yourself please post
RG>> a patch there too.

FS> Perhaps I can suggest an easier way to achieve this (not that I really
FS> know what I'm writing about :-)):

FS> Looking at the finished pages I found this:

>> <div class="projectlogo">
>> <a href=""><img class="logoImage"
>> alt="MyProject" src="images/project.png" title="MyProject
>> Description"></a>
>> </div>

FS> to be the code that provides the image at the top-center of the page.
FS> A similar section exists for the second logo.

FS> Further down I found this

FS> <ul id="tabs">
FS> <li class="current">
FS> <a class="base-selected" href="index.html">kayaking</a>
FS> </li>

FS> for the selected tab.

FS> If (and that I'm not sure of) site2xhtml created these sections, it
FS> means that it "knows" which tab is selected for this page (rather than
FS> just assembling pieces from earlier transformations).

FS> That being the case, could it not derive the Image-Sourcefilename from
FS> the id-name of the selected tab "images/kayaking.png",
FS> "images/bookcrossing.png", etc. ?

FS> A switch in skinconfig could turn this mechanism on or off so that you
FS> could either use the group/projekt system or an alternative
FS> site/tab-system of logos.

FS> --
FS> Ferdinand Soethe

Ferdinand Soethe

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