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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject Re: commercial Forrest skins?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 16:55:04 GMT
El mar, 30-11-2004 a las 15:16, escribió:
> > Thortsten Scherler wrote
> > <snip>
> > Yeah, we will drop the concept of skins in 0.7 and introduce
> > forrest:templates (a new templating language).
> > </snip>
> While I love templates and so would applaud the introduction of any
> new templating language, I am curious why this would replace skins.
> Normally I would have thought these are different and complementary
> concepts -- templates having more to do with the content and structure
> of information (within pages, say, or of a navigational scheme) and
> skins with, well, the skin.

*skin* produces placeholder for nuggets/fbits skelleton.
*views* can use certain placeholder and add design information to the
*themes* add the final design implementation for the view in form of

The forrest core will produce all existing nuggets/fbits as a contract
skelleton without the actual implementation. Saying this means that we
will only support *1* skin.

The view and theming is then doing the presentation. The view will
decide which content and functionality it will use and how it will be
placed in graphical container. The view will let you as well implement
your own contracts and override the default ones. This will produce an
e.g. (because the same is true for fo,...) html-skelleton that is used
by the theming. That makes it possible to develope different themes for
a view.

I do not like the expression "skin" anymore. It mixes to many concerns
and if you are developing skins you will find yourself in the position
to be designer and functionality provider. SOC!!! ;-)

The language is called forrest:templates, because I was in the
xsl:template mood and a forrest:view can contain several
forrest:template's. ;-)

<forrest:view output-format="xhtml, fo" name="intro">
  <forrest:hook name="intro">
   <forrest:nugget name="grouplogo"/>
   <forrest:call-template name="sports"/>

> Has any more been written or is there an ongoing discussion about
> this?  I might like to participate, if there's that opportunity.    

Search as well for:
leather, naming convention, fbits, nuggets, ...

For more information just start a thread over in dev@f.a.o or answer to
the above mentioned one.


"Together we stand, divided we fall!" 
Hey you (Pink Floyd)

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