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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Modifying pelt skin: Looking for the corner-pngs and others
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 03:13:05 GMT
Stephan E. Schlierf wrote:
> Hm, Thorsten submitted an offer I can't reject :-)
> I created a new issue at the issue tracker:
> As an attachment to this issue you find the how-to for modifing the colors of 
> corner images.
> Praise Thorsten for his very helpful hints and blame me for any bugs in this 
> how-to (and for my poor English, too).

That is an excellent addition, thanks. I have committed
it to the trunk 0.7-dev. I made some formatting and content
changes, so move your version out of the way before doing
the 'svn update'.

I changed the tone of the document a bit so that it
focused on users configuring the skin colours, rather
than developers needing to create new skins. We really
would rather encourage people to work with the existing
skins before rushing of to create new ones.

There was one problem which caused cocoon to break with
an un-intelligible error:
<a href="site:your-project#skins">Forrest skins</a>
which should be
<a href="site:your-project/skins">Forrest skins</a>
The latter works because that uri is defined in site.xml

There is a registered Jira issue about the # fragment identifiers.

                           --- 0 ---

One tip about your patch:

Better to use a fixed line-width. For example, word-wrap at 80 chars.
rather than having multi-line paragraphs. This might sound pedantic
but it is not. The important reason is that when future changes
are committed, we can easily see the differences. With multi-line
paragraphs it is impossible to see what is changed. There is too
much clutter.

It is a committers job to ensure this, but developers can
make the process more efficient.

David Crossley

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