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From "Linda Rose" <>
Subject Tab heading not showing up in TOC.
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 20:00:43 GMT
Please see:

Why doesn't an entry for the Installation Guide show up in the left-hand TOC? Here's the relevant
part of site.xml. Thanks, Linda

<site label="ADL Software Documentation" href="" xmlns=""

<home label="Home">
<index label="Home" href="index.html" description="ADL Software Documentation"/>
<install label="Installation" href="install/" tab="install">
<index href="Install.html"/>
<devguide label="Developer's Guide" href="devguide/" tab="devguide">
<index href="index.html"/>
<devguide-Intro label="Introduction to ADL" href="Intro.html" 
description="Introduction to ADL" /> 
<devguide-QuickStart label="Quick Start" href="QuickStart.html" 
description="ADL Quick Start" />
<devguide-BucketsDesc label="ADL Search Buckets Description" href="SearchBucketDescrp.html"

description="ADL Search Buckets Desciption" /> 
<devguide-SBD label="SBD Search Buckets Description" href="SBD.html" 
description="SBD Search Buckets Desciption" /> 
<devguide-Confluence label="Confluence Example" href="Confluence.html" 
description="Confluence Example" /> </devguide> 

Linda Rose
Webmaster & Online Information Developer
Alexandria Digital Library
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