may be this should be fixed,
to avoid such problems.

Stephan E. Schlierf wrote:
Am Freitag, 22. Oktober 2004 14:35 schrieb Juan Jose Pablos:
Stephan E. Schlierf wrote:
Am Freitag, 22. Oktober 2004 13:25 schrieb Juan Jose Pablos:
Stephan E. Schlierf wrote:
Whta I did first was:
Copied jimi-1.0.jar into $FORREST_HOME/lib/optional
Rebuilt Forrest
No succes
With that change it should work.
Sorry, no, it doesn't work.
Could you check if the @src has a .. within?
ie src="../images/icon.png"

I have just found out that "forrest site" does link property images with
a .. in it.
Hm, this causes a "broken link" exception during a "forrest site".
Sorry I wanted to said that it does not work. I think that this is the
error on the logs:

WARN    (2004-10-22) 13:22.01:989   [core.manager] (/images/group.png)
d-3/SVGBuilder: setDocumentLocator was not called, will use
http://localhost/ as
  base URI

The structure on my hard disk is:


It's just the structure of the project that a "forrest seed" generates.
It seems that this is the issue.


o.k., here we are:
The logfile says:

debug.log:ERROR   (2004-10-22) 14:13.32:252   [debug.manager.fop] 
(Unknown-URI) Unknown-thread/ExternalGraphic: Error while creating area : 
Error with image 
URL: /home/stephan/ForrestTest/src/documentation/resources/images/mda_ansatz.png 
(No such file or directory) and no base URL is specified

So the problem is that I placed my png-files in 
and fop expects them in
At least, after moving them to src/documentation/resources/images/ they are 
correctly displayed in a pdf-file.

I was a little bit confused: I thought I should place my images in that 
directory where the images are located after a "forrest seed".

Thanks for your help, Cheche :-)



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