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From Howard Lewis Ship <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to 0.6: validation issues
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:40:22 GMT
Sounds fine; what I do is assemple xdoc and other content files from
my top-level project and my 2nd level modules into a single directory,
the "forrest-composite".  I then execute forrest against that to
generate my final output.

What I've found from further experimentation is that my Forrest 0.5
skinconf.xml and cli.xconf caused problems; I've deleted them and need
to recreate some of their information (such as, paths not to pursue).

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:01:10 +0200, Nicola Ken Barozzi
<> wrote:
> Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> ...
> > I kind of object to "bad" being equated with "non-standard".  Forrest
> > is the non-standard here, since it's a very common practice to put all
> > derived/compiled/generated files somewhere under target (which
> > simplifies any implementation of a clean target).
> Everyone has his idea of what a standard is :-)
> Our latest months have been devoted to making it possible for Forrest
> not to copy anything to be able to build, and that is where our
> "standard" idea comes from ATM, although we are well aware of what other
> projects are used to do.
> ATM the integration of other pregenerated docs in the Forrest docs is
> suboptimal to say the least: it's necessary to reassemble the Forrest
> docs along with pregenerated ones in a single directory (as you say
> under /target, I was used to /build).
> With the next release we intend to insert a 'locationmap', with which
> one can mount other paths. This means that you could keep your source
> files in src, and simply point Forrest to look for other build-generated
> files under /target or wherever.
> Would this approach suit your needs better?
> --
> Nicola Ken Barozzi         
>              - verba volant, scripta manent -
>     (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)
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Howard M. Lewis Ship
Independent J2EE / Open-Source Java Consultant
Creator, Jakarta Tapestry
Creator, Jakarta HiveMind

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