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Subject Re: [RT] Display document history inline w/ subversion
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 14:00:17 GMT
I've also thought about this and possible ways to do it.

Under the current Forrest, my understanding is that one way to do this by 
adding a new document type, which incorporates xml tags containing the 
metadata for the change history.  The problem is how to create and manage 
the change history.  Asking multiple authors to do this manually? Perhaps 
it could be saved by the editing tool.

It sounds like what you're talking about is to have a Cocoon Generator 
that would read files dynamically from CVS or Subversion, including 
options to list the saved versions with change comments and browse through 
the versions.  This would allow you to post content to the site by 
checking it in to CVS (for example) and also keep an audit trail of 
changes.  That would be pretty powerful.

Does anyone know if anyone has done any work in this area, or it this 
would be feasable, given the architectures of these tools?

Vincent Bray <> 
10/19/2004 08:55 AM
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[RT] Display document history inline w/ subversion

Hi all,
Something I'd dearly love to see in Forrest is a way to display a
document's change history in-line with the document. I realise that this
kind of feature is not specific to Forrest, but I feel that perhaps the
framework is strong enough to support such a feature.
I've only been using Forrest for my own nefarious purposes for around 2
months, and I'm certainly no Java expert. Any thoughts on whether this
is doable? Perhaps a Cocoon Generator is needed?
I'll give this a go myself if it's feasible.

Apologies as always if this is old ground,
With respect, noodl

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