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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: How do I create Forrest:* styles?
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:05:23 GMT
On Oct 20, 2004, at 1:13 PM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Clay Leeds wrote:
>> Those files will be useful to get around this problem. I think part 
>> of the problem with Heading levels can be resolved by making the 
>> XPath match.
>> I've tried manually editing the style.xml & content.xml files by 
>> copying a 'good' Heading 1 code segment, and creating Heading 3, 4, 5 
>> segments to content.xml (and similarly creating the relevant 'styles' 
>> in style.xml). Unfortunately, when I process run /forrest/ it 
>> complains that meta.xml does not exist (even though it exists in the 
>> directory and the resulting file--renamed to 
>> openoffice-writer.sxw).
> I've seen this, are you using my OpenOffice.xmap file (the one in the 
> zip attached to the feature request)? If so I think that is why you 
> are seeing the problem. I switched from using the zip generator to 
> using the jar generator to read the sxw archive(for reasons I can't 
> quite remember, it was a long time ago). Anyway, with the jar 
> generator it produces the above error whenever the sxw has been 
> changed.

Here's the process I used:
1. renamed openoffice-writer.sxw =>
2. extracted =>  openoffice-writer/
3. deleted
3. modified files as mentioned
4. used the Mac OS X built-in "Create archive of "openoffice-writer/"
5. renamed => openoffice-writer.sxw
6. ran /forrest/ (BUILD FAILED due to not finding meta.xml, although it 
exists at top level of zip/sxw archive)
7. attempted to open openoffice-writer.sxw with OOo1.1.2 but it prompts 
with a dialog asking what it should convert from (selecting Text Document opens a 'blank' document).

> If you restart forrest it will work fine, thereby indicating it is 
> nothing to do with the application. You could try 
> switching back to the zip generator and see if the problem goes away.
> If you are using the xmaps that ship with Forrest then this is not 
> your problem, but the same symptoms are present.
> Ross

At this point, since I'm just testing, I was just executing /forrest/ 
from the seed/ directory after replacing the openoffice-writer.sxw with 
my new one. My hope is that once I build a functioning 
openoffice-writer.sxw file, I can attach it to a JIRA issue so it can 
replace the version currently in FORREST (The only changes are that 
I've added Heading 3, Heading 4 & Heading 5).

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