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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: changing the look of the online docs created using forrest
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 19:14:46 GMT
On Oct 28, 2004, at 11:22 AM, Linda Rose wrote:
>> Linda Rose wrote:
>>> I like the look of the documentation here:
>>> However, when I generate my online docs with forrest, the Heading 1,  
>>> Heading
>>> 2, etc, formatting is different. How do I get it to look like the  
>>> Forrest
>>> online docs.
>> Look at the differences between the skinconf.xml
>> obtained from a 'forrest seed site' and our one
>> at src/documentation/skinconf.xml
>> We are currently using
>> <headings type="underlined"/>
>> --  
>> David Crossley
> Excuse my ignorance, but where do I get different skins, like pelt? Or  
> if I see a site with a skin I like, can I download it?
> Thanks,
> Linda

I was expecting to 'help' but 'm not sure I am helping here... Sorry...

I *think* the following are already in your default install of Forrest,  
although this does not appear to be clearly explained.

(from my[1])
# Specifies name of Forrest skin to use

(from my personal don't recall how/where I got  
the others, although they're all listed in  
# Specifies name of Forrest skin to use

# deprecated skin

(NOTE: by removing the "#" in front of '' I have  
chosen 'pelt' as my skin)

Here are some 'tips':

If $FORREST_HOME is set, you should be able to determine the available  
plugins by running /forrest available-plugins/ (without the "/" marks).  
This will give you some ideas of where to look--you'll see some  
'http://...' items in the output. Unfortunately, none of those items in  
the output actually provide content (let alone a list of skins  
available for download).

The "Skin Packages" page should help ('Documentation' tab => 'Skin  
Packages') but it doesn't do anything other than describing them (i.e.,  
no download links):

Neither 'Skin Packages' nor "Default skins" appear to explain how (or  
where) to download skins...

Hope this helps you a bit.


Web Maestro Clay
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