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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject OOo Problem with sub-level Headings
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 23:17:31 GMT
I posted the following question to the board[1], but it  
may be more of a Forrest issue.

This may be an Apache Forrest problem.

I'm having problems with output, which I process with  
Apache Forrest to generate a documentation web site (the  
documentation's original format is SXW :-)). Normally if I follow the  
instructions on this page, I get Headings for levels 1-5:

Unfortunately, I am not getting that now. It might be the result of a  
NeoOffice/J installation (which is a Java-based OOo port), although I  
don't think so.

<text:h text:style-name="P3" text:level="2">My Heading 2 text</text:h>

The above code does actually 'look' like an <H2/> when processed by  
Forrest. Unfortunately, the following code is now being output by OOo  
when I apply the Heading 2 style:

<text:p text:style-name="Heading 2">Running FOP with Barcode4J</text:p>

Interestingly enough, the above does not look like "Heading 2" but the  
the previous one does.

Any ideas?

Web Maestro Clay

p.s. BTW, this may be related to another problem I have a workaround  
for, involving carriage returns being processed incorrectly by  
forrest[2]. I haven't looked into that problem yet, but this issue may  
prompt me to revisit that problem.


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