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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject Re: Need help with build errors
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2004 18:15:10 GMT
On Oct 29, 2004, at 10:36 AM, Linda Rose wrote:
> Hi,
> You've all been so kind in helping me get started. I hope you can help 
> me with these error messages. Error Messages #1 (below) occur when I 
> uncommented the "" line in
> Error Messages #2 (see below) occurred when I replaced the logos in 
> skinconf.xml with my logos (images/LogoForrest.jpg and images/SW.jpg). 
> I put my logos in my_project/build/site/images. Is that the proper 
> place to put them? I didn't touch favicon.ico or built-with-cocoon.gif 
> so I don't know why I'm getting errores with that. BTW, my logos are 
> appearing on the built page even though I get build errors; 
> built-with-cocoon.gif does not appear. Thanks in advance for your 
> help. Linda

I don't know the answer to Error #1. Sorry. I suspect it's a bug that 
is being ironed out (isn't living on the svn/cutting-edge fun? ;-))

I *think* you'll want to place your logos here:


If you place them in build/site/images (and they're named the same as 
another image file--e.g., project-logo.png, etc.), they'll get 
clobbered the next time you run /forrest/, since forrest will will copy 
over files *to* build/site/*.

The reason why I say I "think", is because the above PATH is where the 
Using Forrest Page[1] (Documentation tab), it says to place them. 
However, when you do a /forrest seed/ the logos are found here:


I suspect that will change to src/documentation/resources/images/ in 
the near future.


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Clay Leeds - <>
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