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From "Stefano Mancarella" <>
Subject Re: Disabling block display in pelt's menu
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 17:25:20 GMT
Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
>>Sorry, I don't understand... Which is the connection with menu entries?
> This way you can override all css-elements. You have to find the .class
> or #id of the style element and override it with the option above. 
> That was an example because you have not wrote which .class or #id you
> want to override.

I understand, sorry for the stupid question.
Actually the involved classes seem to be selectedmenuitemgroup, menupage 
and menupagetitle (plus menupageitemgroup and menupageitem when the toc 
is rendered inside the menu).
I tried to change the display status of menupagetitle, but it didn't 
solve the problem. IE still shows the selected menu page items garbled.
Changing the display status of selectedmenuitemgroup seems to be 
impossible, since the getMenu.js script sets it back to "block" every 
time. But I'm not even sure it would be a solution.
I start to think you can't win when you fight against the CSS bugs of 
IE... :(

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