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From Arik Kfir <>
Subject Using a project XML catalog without an absolute path
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 19:03:14 GMT
Hello everybody,

I'm new to this mailing list, so I'll state right off - I'm a new user, 
very much enjoying the use of Apache Forrest - a great product! Can't 
wait until it becomes the de-facto standard for sites in the Apache 

What I'm trying to do is define a new DTD+stylesheet for my site.

The problem: everything works fine, but *only* when I enter the FULL 
PATH of the XML catalog (my xcat file) in the 
file, under the "classes" directory. This, however, creates a problem, 
since we have multiple developers working on this site, and each one 
uses a different location for the site on his hard-drive, and even worst 
- we can't move it to the server without modifying it (since the site 
location on the server is different that on the workstations).

Is there a way to specify a relative location for the xcat file, rather 
than an absolute path? I've read somewhere that I can use the 
cocoon.xconf file, but in the comments there it also states that it must 
receive an absolute path name, which is no good as well.

For reference, here are the steps I've performed (followed by the great 
how-to in the Forrest site for adding a new "downloads" DTD):
1. Created a catalog.xcat file under src/documentation/resources/schema 
with a new public-id and Uri for my new DTD
2. Put my DTD under src/documentation/resources/schema/dtd directory
3. Put my stylesheet under src/documentation/resources/stylesheets

I'd very much appreciate any help for the professionals here since I'm 
pretty much stuck, and my next step is to patch Forrest, which is 
something I'd like to avoid...


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