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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Framemaker support (was Re: Question from a newbie)
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 22:22:24 GMT
Linda Rose wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. I tried using a Framemaker xml file and the build
> failed with a "not valid xml document."
> Do you know what the files in were authored in?
> (Please don't say vi.)

I'm sure someone uses Vi, but you'll be pleased to hear you don;t have to.

Forrest supports a wide range of input formats and therefore supports a 
wide range of editing tools. Some examples are XHTML, HTML, Open Office,
Docbook, SVG and many more. Most of the documents in 
and in the seed site (generated with forrest seed) are in a format we 
call XDoc. This is an internal format used within Forrest.

DTD's for XDOC are available in 

I am not familiar with Framemaker but a quick glance at its feature set 
seems to imply that it can be used to edit any XML document once given a 
DTD. TO do this in a true WYSIWYG environment would, most likely require 
some configuration of Framemaker. I'm afraid I do not know how to do 
that, maybe someone else here can help.

If framemaker can export in any of our supported formats then that would 
probably be the easiest route.

The final option would be to add support to Forrest for Framemakers 
native format (I am assuming it saves in an XML format). If you have any 
XSL skills (or can get a Comp Sci student, since you are now in a 
University, to do it as a project for their course we will be happy to 
help you/them do that).


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