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From Ross Gardler <>
Subject Re: Tab-menu generation problem
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 16:04:16 GMT
Christian Roth wrote:
> Ross Gardler wrote:
>>Christian Roth wrote:
>>><site label="infinity-loop" href="" 
>>>  xmlns="" tab="">
>>>    <index label="Profile" href="company/index.html" tab="company"/>
>>>    <contact label="Contact" href="company/contact.html" tab="company" />
>>The menu for each section is created from the elements within each 
>>element in the site.xml, they are not grouped by the tab attribute (see 
>> You need to create a 
>>parent object for the pages in the company tab
> The documentation says: 
> "All site.xml entries with a "tab" which is equal to that of the current
> page, are added to the menu."
> I read this meaning that the above <index> and <contact> elements are
> entries of site.xml, and since they have the same tab attribute value
> like the page currently displayed (company/index.html), these two entries
> should show up in the menu.

Yes, this is a potentially misleading sentence. I'll fix in the docs now 
- thanks for pointing this out.

> Your solution:
>><site label="infinity-loop" href=""
>>   xmlns="" tab="">
>> <company label="Company" href="company" tab="company">
>>   <profile label="Profile" href="index.html"/>
>>   <contact label="Contact" href="contact.html"/>
>> </company>
> does work, but generates a "Company" grouping label in the menu, which is
> redundant since the tab already is labelled "Company" and there are no
> further top-level categories in that menu other than "Company". I wanted
> to get rid of this redundant grouping.

That is the intended behaviour, it may be redundant in your use case, 
but in many others it is not, since each tap will have multiple sections 
in the menu, or where site developers want plenty of visual clues as to 
the current position within the site.


> How can I add entries to a tab's menu that are top-level and not
> grouping, i.e. a simple flat menu?

If the skin provided is not doing what you need then the solution is to 
customise the skin, currently none of the shipped skins have this 
feature implemented. You will find the menu generation stuff in 
src/context/skins/[skinname]/xslt/html/site2html.xsl. By default the 
skinname is "pelt".

If you are unable to make this change you could post a feature request 
on our issue tracker (this 
will make other devs aware of it too, just in case there is a way I am 
not aware of). Similarly, if you implement this in a configurable way 
please post a patch to the tracker.


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