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From "Christian Roth" <>
Subject Debugging inclusion of custom project sitemap.xmap
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:46:57 GMT

I'm suspecting my project's custom sitemap.xmap to not be included in
Cocoon's sitemap processing (I do not get results from views defined in
it, and DTD pre-processing with my XSLTs as described in "adding a new
content type" does not work at all).

Can anyone familiar with the forrest code and call structure please point
me to the file/location in the code where (1) the check for a custom
sitemap.xmap is located and (2) where it actually gets prepended/
included/mounted (nomenclature???) within the embedded Cocoon processing?
I'm looking for the filepath/line number combination.

I'm hoping to put some code there to actually be sure that my
sitemap.xmap gets included and it is actually a problem with my setup.

I'm using Forrest 0.6 (release).

Regards, Christian.

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