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From "Christian Roth" <>
Subject Custom DTD in catalog not honored by Cocoon step
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 19:41:48 GMT

I followed the procedures in the documentation to add my custom document
type to Forrest. I've got as far as creating the custom sitemap.xmap,
getting it recognized (I think) and adding a suitable catalog to Forrest
(its validation facility succeeds on the file with the new DTD).

However, the Cocoon process chokes on the new file (probably at the
reader stage, as I do not currently process the file) saying that it
cannot retrieve the document's DTD (No such file or directory) from the
DOCTYPE SYSTEM identifier. (In fact, the SYSTEM identifier points to a
location where the DTD isn't, but the Catalog should take care of this by
using the PUBLIC id and it does this perfectly during Forrest's
validation stage).

It looks like Forrest is aware of my catalog extension, but Cocoon isn't
and the XML parser tries to look it up by the SYSTEM id during the
reading stage. Do I have to add the catalog to the Cocoon part
explicitly? Does it not inherit automatically from my {project.catalog}


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