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From "Christian Roth" <>
Subject Re: Tab-menu generation problem
Date Fri, 08 Oct 2004 19:31:08 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:

>> How can I add entries to a tab's menu that are top-level and not
>> grouping, i.e. a simple flat menu?
>If the skin provided is not doing what you need then the solution is to 
>customise the skin, currently none of the shipped skins have this 
>feature implemented.

Thanks Ross. However, modifying the skin was not enough, it actually was
an issue of some 10 characters in the distribution's ~/core/context/
resources/stylesheets/site2book.xsl which delivered an empty "menu-*"
component, so the skin could not do much here.

When I get the time, I'll suggest/submit it as improvement over on the
dev list, as it doesn't seem to break anything else (so far).

--snip (for those who need it)--

  <xsl:template match="*/*">
      <!-- No label, abandon the whole subtree -->
      <xsl:when test="count(descendant-or-self::*[@label])=0"> <!--
###changed rC 2004-10-08### -->
      <!-- Below here, everything has a label, and is therefore
considered "for display" -->



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