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From "Scherler, Thorsten" <>
Subject Re: Alignment problem with pelt, tables and IE
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 18:05:44 GMT
Hi Stefano,
I found a machine with IE6. ;-)

.ForrestTable {
    position:static !important;
    color: #ffffff;
    background-color: #7099C5;
    width: 100%;
    font-size : 100%;
    empty-cells: show;

The outcome is not really nice but the table is now next to the menu.

If I have time I have to have a deeper look. It is a really ugly IE bug.


El mié, 27-10-2004 a las 16:52, Stefano Mancarella escribió:
> Scherler, Thorsten wrote:
> > I think you will get the bugfinder crown for pelt if you keep on spoting
> > bug. ;-)
> Maybe it's just because I'm using Forrest to build a non-technical site 
> (my band's site), which probably is not so common (judging from the 
> cited example sites). :)
> > ATM no clue why that is happening. I will have a look on it tonight.
> I suspect it's (another) bug of IE. I've had problems with perfectly 
> valid CSS designs not working like they should in IE before.
> > Did you try with Mozilla? Is the display there ok?
> As I wrote in the bug description, yes, it works perfectly in both 
> Firefox and Mozilla (which doesn't surprise me at all, I must say).
> > Cheers for your reports!
> I hope they won't be too many. ;)

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