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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [RESOLUTION] Upgrade to 0.6: validation issues
Date Wed, 27 Oct 2004 02:46:05 GMT
Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> I eventually did get the HiveMind site building properly, but it took
> a LOT of effort.

Phew. Very glad to see that you got there, and that
we could help in some places. Your situation was extra
difficult due to the integration of Forrest into your
build system. That should be possible, so we have some
work to do.

> I've documented my experiences on my blog:

I will check it out soon.

> Results are visible online:

Great. I see that the breadcrumb trail has one extra "HiveMind".
You probably need to tweak your skinconf.xml to remove that.

> There's definately a bug afoot where the system thinks all
> "index.html" files are exactly the same, regardless of the folder!

Well this works with no problems for other sites,
so it must be something peculiar to yours.

Looking for the differences between your site.xml
and the one for our Forrest site. For each menu
that belongs to a "tab", we have a "href" attribute
on its top-level element to point to the directory,
e.g. on your <hivemind-examples> element.

David Crossley

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