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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to 0.6: validation issues
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 14:06:39 GMT
Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> I have no idea what this build-info.xml file is about!  This is not a
> useful error message for me, and leaves me at a loss as to how to
> proceed.  Other than updating the PUBLIC IDs of my xml files, I've
> changed nothing else.

Other than hacking the build system and trying to "emulate"
it with your own :-)

Why not just follow the method described to use Ant <import> ?

It seems that your build system is banging stuff into
various places under $FORREST_HOME and then not being
able to find it. Why are you explicitly setting project.home
to some place underneath forrest.home?

Anyway, try the import task 

David Crossley

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