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From "Rui Alberto L." Gonçalves <>
Subject tabs and site.xml problems
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 17:03:41 GMT
Hi all,
I'm just starting using forrest to document my projects. I'm
sure I'm missing a simple step, but I can't figure out what
I'm missing.

I'm trying to put each project in a different tab. 
So, here's tabs.xml and site.xml extract:
<tabs ...
 <tab  id="home"    label="Home"        dir=""/>
 <tab id="vivo"    label="VIVO"        dir="vivo"/>

..... site.xml
<site label="Home" href="" xmlns=""
 <home label="Work. Proj." tab="home">
    <cub label="CAVA" href="cava.xml" description="CAVA"/>
    <cub label="Back End" href="backend.xml" description="OLAP Server"/>
    <cub label="Alarms" href="alarms.xml" description="Alarms Module"/>
    <cub label="DSSLIB" href="dsslib.xml" description="DS"/>
  <vivo label="Vivo" href="vivo/" tab="vivo">
    <software label="Software" href="software.html"/>

-All the options appear listed on the left menu. I was expecting to
select tab "vivo" to see the option "Software" on the left menu!!!
- Selecting tab vivo does not change anything, all the options still 
present on the left menu. And the tab does not change the color 
indicating that is selected!!!
- Selecting the option "Software" changes to tab "Vivo", and now the
tab is shown as select!!

What I'm missing?? Thanks for any help...


Rui Alberto L. Gonçalves <>
PT Inovação

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