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From Martin Holler <>
Subject Re: DocBook stylesheets with forrest
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 16:33:51 GMT
David Crossley <> writes:

> Martin Holler wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I started with the FAQ article
>> because I would like to be
>> able to write my xml source in the DocBook format. Further I would
>> like to use the DocBook stylesheets directly. I have been trying to
>> get this working for a long time now and tryed a lot of different
>> things in the different files.


> Using Forrest-0.6-dev it is much easier and you just use the
> simplified sitemap like you have shown above.

Thanks very much for your reply David! I installed Forrest-0.6-dev and
the DocBook stylesheets are used directly now.

But now I have a further question which is linked to my first
one. When I click the link in the tab menu to my asterisk page (whose
xml source is DocBook) the asterisk documentation is opened in my
browser window but without the tabs and forrest headings and
footers. I would like to have the tabs and logos to be present on the
"DocBook pages" as well - just as they are on pages whose source is
the forrest xml.

Does anybody know how to accomplish this? That would be great.


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