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From "Hare, Michael" <>
Subject RE: Forrest 0.6 Interaction with Tomcat 5.0.27
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 14:03:40 GMT
I commented out the DOCTYPE decl and added the validate=false entry into the properties file.
I'm back to the Java ConnectException: Connection Timeout error

Using skin "crust"
Removed 1 dangling directory from C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp
Removed 1 dangling file from C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp
Created dir: C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp\WEB-INF\lib

Copying 1 file to C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp

Connection timed out: connect

Total time: 26 seconds


I see (elsewhere) that you have successfully built a war file ('forrest war'), but in a *nix
system, not Windows.
Maybe this is a Windows issue.

Has anyone else been successful in building and deploying 0.6 with Windows?

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From: David Crossley []
Sent: Sunday, September 05, 2004 9:34 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Forrest 0.6 Interaction with Tomcat 5.0.27

David Crossley wrote:
> Hare, Michael wrote:
> > I tried commenting out the DOCTYPE decl in src/documentation/skinconf.xml
> > and forrest complained immediatly that skinconf.xml was not an valid XML
> > file.
> Sorry, my comment was hasty. Change the systemIdentifier to
> use a minimal systemIdentifier.

Oops, reverse that. I was right the first time.
Comment out the document type declaration completely
and add the line "forrest.validate.skinconf=false"

David Crossley

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