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From "Hare, Michael" <>
Subject RE: Forrest 0.6 Interaction with Tomcat 5.0.27
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 15:44:40 GMT

I noticed two new version of Tomcat are available.
I installed 5.0.28, I am using Sun JDK: 1.4.2_05, I copied the endorsed libs
from forrest to Tomcat.

I got the latest from svn (build 37388) and it built fine.

I seeded a new Forrest 0.6 site, but when I go to generate the site, I get 1
error and the build fails.

cocoon 2.1.5
Copyright (c) 1999-2004 Apache Software Foundation. All rights reserved.
* [1/25]    [25/26]   3.485s 8.6Kb   index.html
* [2/25]    [1/22]    0.651s 8.6Kb   todo.html
^                                    samples/
* [4/30]    [7/31]    1.261s 22.4Kb  samples/linking.html
* [6/30]    [2/23]    0.591s 10.6Kb  samples/sdocbook.html
* [7/31]    [2/24]    0.771s 10.3Kb  samples/openoffice-writer.html
* [8/32]    [2/23]    0.421s 9.0Kb   samples/ascii-art.html
* [9/31]    [0/0]     1.753s 3.6Kb   index.pdf
* [12/29]   [1/28]    0.59s  8.8Kb   samples/index.html
* [13/28]   [0/0]     0.121s 3.3Kb   samples/index.pdf
* [14/29]   [2/23]    0.731s 13.0Kb  samples/ihtml-sample.html
* [15/28]   [0/0]     21.38s 10.9Kb  samples/ihtml-sample.pdf
* [18/25]   [0/0]     0.16s  3.9Kb   samples/ascii-art.pdf
* [19/24]   [0/0]     0.03s  1.1Kb   images/project-logo.gif
* [23/24]   [4/25]    0.571s 7.9Kb   changes.html
* [24/23]   [0/0]     0.03s  1.1Kb   images/add.jpg
* [25/22]   [0/0]     0.04s  360b    images/rss.png
* [26/21]   [0/0]     0.11s  3.2Kb   changes.pdf
* [27/20]   [0/0]     0.13s  3.6Kb   todo.pdf
* [28/19]   [0/0]     23.414s 233b    images/project.png
* [29/22]   [4/29]    0.611s 26.9Kb  samples/document-v13.html
* [30/22]   [1/10]    0.09s  15.8Kb  samples/document-v13.xml
X [0]                                     samples/ext:dtd-docs  BROKEN: No
pipeline matched request: samples/ext:dtd-docs
* [32/20]   [0/0]     0.02s  696b    images/icon.png
* [33/19]   [0/0]     20.96s 521b    changes.rss
* [34/18]   [0/0]     0.441s 12.8Kb  samples/document-v13.pod
* [35/17]   [0/0]     0.821s 7.4Kb   samples/sdocbook.pdf

I decided to try to build the webapp for Tomcat anyway and I get this error:

Using skin "crust"
Removed 1 dangling directory from C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp
Removed 1 dangling file from C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp
Created dir: C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp\WEB-INF\lib

Copying 1 file to C:\ForrestExamples\build\webapp

C:\Programs\ApacheGroup\forrest-0.6\src\core\ Connection timed out: connect

Total time: 27 seconds

I assume the first issue either not a problem or my configuration. If this
is a problem, then it would seem to be a show stopper.
If it's my configuration, then can someone help?

I am running XP, sun jdk 1.4.2_05. I _not_ using Cygwin, I am using the
Command Prompt to do all builds.
I have installed Tomcat 5.0.28 (which, btw, runs forrest 0.5.1 without a
My environment: FORREST_HOME=C:\Programs\ApacheGroup\forrest-0.6\src\core
Which is where I build from svn.

Next, I will try installing Tomcat 5.5, but since these errors are long
before we get to Tomcat, I doubt the version of Tomcat makes a difference.



-----Original Message-----
From: Hare, Michael []
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 9:51 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Forrest 0.6 Interaction with Tomcat 5.0.27

Thanks for bumping me up to the top again.

JK2 is the connector between Apache 2.0.50 and Tomcat 5.0.27. It allows be
to access Tomcat applications without specifying the port (:8080) in the
url. (rather than I can use and let Apache send the requests to TomCat using the
JK2 connector)

I mainly added Apache and JK2 to my list for completeness. It isn't
necessary, and I observe the same behavior if I shutdown Apache and run
Tomcat standalone, using port :8080.

I am using svn: rev: 36029 (your latest recommended baseline) for forrest

About the configuration file.

Starting with TC5, you created individual configuraiton files for
applications in %CATALINA_HOME%/conf/catalina/localhost

This is where admin.xml, manager.xml and balancer.xml live.

I have several of my configuration files in there as well: xindice.xml,
axis.xml, forrest.xml (for forrest0.5.1) and forrestexample.xml (for forrest

Editing server.xml was how TC4 accomplished the same thing. The difference
is with TC5 I don't edit (and possible break) distributed files and updating
doesn't over-write my modifications. But it is the same concept: to inform
Tomcat where to find the web application.

See this link: :
editing server.xml is no longer recommended.

Thanks for keeping me in mind.

- mike

-----Original Message-----
From: David Crossley []
Sent: Monday, August 09, 2004 11:04 PM
Subject: Re: Forrest 0.6 Interaction with Tomcat 5.0.27

Hare, Michael wrote:
> I'm seeing odd behavior when I try to use the forrest from svn.

I do not run Tomcat so cannot help much. However, we need to keep
your issue near the top of the pile.

Some suggestions below ...

> I compile on Windows XP, I have Apache 2.0.50 + Tomcat 5.0.27 + JK2 2.0.4
> I stopped using Cygwin because it was introducing it's own set of issues.

Sorry, what is JK2?

> I keep my local image updated using: 'svn update', then 'build clean' the
> 'build'
> I can seed, build and deploy a webapp.. no problems so far.
> I connect Tomcat to the Forrest site with this configuration file:
> <Context path="/ForrestExamples" docBase="C:\Forrest\build\webapp"
> reloadable="true">
>    <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger" debug="0"
> verbosity="1" prefix="forrest_demo_log." directory="logs" timestamp="true"
> suffix=".txt"/>
> </Context>
> I have copied over the endorsed libraries in to Tomcat's endorsed
> I can even access the Forrest Site from Tomcat.
> The problem is once I put the configuration file into Tomcat's
> catalina/localhost directory, I can no longer access several other of my
> other applications such as Xindice, or the JSP and Servlet examples that
> ship with Tomcat. I can't even access the Tomcat Home Page using

When you say "put the configuration file" are you adding the above
fragment to an existing configuration file, or are you totally
replacing a configuration file, or what? Our instructions from
the 'forrest webapp' or 'forrest war' say to add that to server.xml
Are our instructions out-of-date?


> I get HTTP Status 503 (Application Not Currently Available) for each of
> these
> Oddly enough, I can still access Cocoon samples, Axis sample page
> and the eXist XMLDB sample page.
> Here's a few lines from my stdout.log file that are not there when all is
> working.:
> ...
> ...
> ...
> INFO: Processing Context configuration file URL
> file:C:\Programs\ApacheGroup\Tomcat5\conf\Catalina\localhost\manager.xml
> Aug 4, 2004 10:03:03 AM org.apache.catalina.startup.ContextConfig
> authenticatorConfig
> SEVERE: Cannot instantiate an authenticator of class
> org.apache.catalina.authenticator.BasicAuthenticator
> java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
> 	at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method)
> 	at java.lang.Class.forName(
> ...
> ...
> ...
> If I remove the Forrest site configuration file, and restart Tomcat, then
> all is fine, except I can't access the Forrest Site without the config
> If I copy the config file back to Tomcat, go to the Tomcat admin panel and
> 'start' Forrest, everything is fine. I can access my Forrest site and the
> Tomcat home page.
> If I stop then start Tomcat, it breaks again.
> This is very localized to the 0.6 Forrest install.
> If I swap back to using forrest 0.5.1 (%FORREST_HOME%, 0.5.1 endorsed
> etc..), then I don't have any problems at all.
> Any one have any experience with any of this?
> ---------------------------------
> Michael Hare
> GnuPG Key fingerprint = 1AD4 726D E359 A31D 05BF  ACE5 CA93 7AD5 D8E3 A876

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