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From Clay Leeds <>
Subject 1st tab='corporate site' 2nd tab='docs/'
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 17:34:31 GMT
I'm building documentation using (cool!), and I want to 
have the Documentation tab be the 2nd tab, but the 1st tab go to my 
corporate web site.

The forrest site I'm building is actually, the 2nd tab, and the first 
tab contains a link to the current (which *cough!* isn't 
built by forrest but is hand-coded :-}). I also want to have links to 
various spots on the corporate site (which work[!] using 'ext:*' 

How do I do this?

  ____  _____________

Home = ext:medata
Documentation = docs/index.html

Here's my tabs.xml file

<tabs software="MyProj"

   <!-- The rules for tabs are:
     @dir will always have '/@indexfile' added.
     @indexfile gets appended to @dir if the tab is selected. Defaults 
to 'index.html'
     @href is not modified unless it is root-relative and obviously 
specifies a
     directory (ends in '/'), in which case /index.html will be added
     If @id's are present, site.xml entries with a matching @tab will be 
in that tab.

    Tabs can be embedded to a depth of two. The second level of tabs 
will only
     be displayed when their parent tab is selected.

   <tab id="ext:medata" label="Home" dir="" indexfile="index.html"/>
   <tab id="docs" label="Documentation" dir="docs" 
     <tab id="xmltodb" label="xmltodb" dir="docs" 
   <!-- Add new tabs here, eg:
   <tab label="How-Tos" dir="community/howto/"/>
   <tab label="XML Site" dir="xml-site/"/>


and here's the content of site.xml:

<site label="Medata Docs" href="" 
xmlns="" tab="">

   <home label="Home">
     <home-index label="" href="ext:medata" 
description="Medata Home page" />
     <home-partners label="Partners" href="ext:partners" 
description="Medata Partners page" />
     <home-products label="Products" href="ext:products" 
description="Medata Products page" />
     <home-resources label="Resources" href="ext:resources" 
description="Medata Resources page" />
     <home-services label="Services" href="ext:services" 
description="Medata Services page" />
     <home-support label="Support" href="ext:support" 
description="Medata Support page" />

   <docs label="Docs">
     <xmltodb label="xmltodb" href="xmltodb_docs.html" 
description="XMLToDB Documentation" />

   <all label="All">
     <whole_site_html label="Whole Site HTML" href="site.html"/>
     <whole_site_pdf label="Whole Site PDF" href="site.pdf"/>

     <medata href="">
       <products href="products/index.html"/>
       <partners href="partners/index.html"/>
       <services href="services/index.html"/>
       <about href="about/index.html"/>
       <support href="support/index.html"/>
       <resources href="resources/index.html"/>
       <docs href="docs/index.html"/>
     <forrest href="">
       <validation href="docs/validation.html"/>
       <webapp href="docs/your-project.html#webapp"/>
       <dtd-docs href="docs/dtd-docs.html"/>
     <cocoon href=""/>
     < href=""/>


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