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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: DocBook stylesheets with forrest
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:05:27 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> Martin Holler wrote:
>>David Crossley writes:
>>>Martin Holler wrote:
>>>>I started with the FAQ article
>>>> because I would like to be
>>>>able to write my xml source in the DocBook format. Further I would
>>>>like to use the DocBook stylesheets directly. I have been trying to
>>>>get this working for a long time now and tryed a lot of different
>>>>things in the different files.
>>>Using Forrest-0.6-dev it is much easier and you just use the
>>>simplified sitemap like you have shown above.
>>Thanks very much for your reply David! I installed Forrest-0.6-dev and
>>the DocBook stylesheets are used directly now.
> Beauty.
>>But now I have a further question which is linked to my first
>>one. When I click the link in the tab menu to my asterisk page (whose
>>xml source is DocBook) the asterisk documentation is opened in my
>>browser window but without the tabs and forrest headings and
>>footers. I would like to have the tabs and logos to be present on the
>>"DocBook pages" as well - just as they are on pages whose source is
>>the forrest xml.
>>Does anybody know how to accomplish this? That would be great.
> You are using the full DocBook stylesheets directly.
> The alternative method described at that FAQ will
> enable the pages to be adorned with the normal Forrest
> navigation menus and such. Beware the limitations,
> and please sends patches to improve the handling.

Wouldn't it be possible to use the DocBook output as
*.ehtml to get the forrest-decorations?!


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