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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: screenshot scaling
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2004 07:00:59 GMT

specifying just width XOR height scales
the images proportionally.

specifying 100% scales the image to the
width (percentage) of the available space,
like it does with tables.

that's what I think is the HTML behaviour.


Jason End wrote:
> If this is implemented, documentation should recommend
> that images be scaled proportionally, so the
> thumbnails look the best possible. Non-proportional
> scales are usually what messes images up. That could
> be done using % in the width/height setting, or
> finding the porportional pixel lengths. 
> So thumbnail sizes for 1024x768 images would be
> 128x96, 256x192,  512x384...
> If you want, contact me when it's documentation time,
> and I'll write it up.
> Jay
> Charles Palmer wrote:
>>This is an issue that I am also going to have to deal
>>with as I try to
>>migrate my OOo manuals to Forrest. I can link to an
>>image file, which OOo
>>can scale to suit me, but the chances are that the
>>image size will be wrong
>>if the same image file is referenced in a Forrest
>>document. You might want a
>>smaller image in the HTML, but still want to be able
>>to view the image at
>>the full resoution (think: screen shots).
>>Now, if images could be referenced using the site:
>>mechanism as hrefs  (<img
>>src="site:images/screenshot">), then you could
> control >how images were
>>rendered with something like this (in site.xml):
>><images href="full-size-images/">
>>   <screenshot href="ss1.bmp" width="100"
> height="60" >expand="Click to view
>>this screen shot full-size"/>
>>The height and width attributes limit the size when
>>viewed in the main page
>>(simply pass the attributes through to the HTML <img>
>>tag which will allow
>>the browser to do the scaling), and if the expand
>>attribute is present then
>>render the image something like this:
>><a href="full-size-images/screenshot.html">
>>  <img src="full-size-images/ss1.bmp" width="100"
>>  alt="Click to view this screen shot full-size" />
>>No doubt a few details missing but you get the idea.
>>What do you think?
>>Charles Palmer
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