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From Johannes Schaefer <>
Subject Re: screenshot scaling
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 13:30:02 GMT
Thanks for your fast replys.
I'm not sure if I've got your ideas right.

I understood that Ken suggests putting the link and the
two resolutions in by hand. Charles, I don't think putting
the image-links into the sitemap would change a lot per se.
Images are taken from a standard directory and forrest
resolves this. And I still would have to specify per image
if I want to have an "expansion" or not.

What I would like to have is specifying an image in the usual
   <img src="images/screenshot.png" alt="cool screenshot"/>
and have it rendered in the best possible way for the output
- PDF: use the full resolution at the given size for print,
   no link to full image needed (applies to OOo, too)
- HTML: need to scale the image down *before* it gets
   to the browser since scaling there gives poor quality.
   This only needs to be done if the image is too big (maybe
   set in skinconf.xml or

   So for big images create sth like this automatically.
   <img src="thumbnails/screenshot.jpg">
   <a href="full-size-img/screenshot.png">view full size</a>
   For images that fit, just put the original image in.

I guess this might be done by specifying a pipeline for
"thumbnails" that checks
   1. if the image is found in a thumbnail directory:
      use it and create a link to the full-size image
      in the images directory (allows for usewr-def thumbnails)
   2. else take the image from the images directory
      a. if the image is to big scale it plus link
      b. else use it

Might this be feasible?
How to put the link in:
- the pipeline is in Cocoon and delivers the image BUT
- the formatting is done in some stylesheet
   (putting a link to every image is my poor man's solution)


Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:

> Johannes Schaefer wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Has anybody a solution for showing full resolution
>> screenshots (say 1024x768)?
>> Scaling the screen down with "width" and "height"
>> gives horrible quality. Putting the original in
>> gives horizontal scrolling for all the page
>> (which makes text almost unreadable).
>> What I would like to have would be kind of a high-
>> quality thumbnail in 640x400 which is a link to the
>> full resolution image. This should be done
>> automatically within forrest/cocoon.
> The easiest thing is making it possible for Forrest to give the image 
> named myimage.jpg both as is or as myimage-thumbnail-big and 
> myimage-thumbnail-small. These sizes should be configurable in 
> Then when insering the image you just need to show the thumbnail one and 
> link to the full one.
> A hint:

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