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From "Tamara Harpster" <>
Subject Re: how to use usemap in img tag
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 17:24:36 GMT

Thanks for the reply and the help. I am converting existing HTML to XML in order to be able
to use the skins with the current version of the trunk and to get the PDF output. And, I'm
working to do it very quickly, with a lot of files, so, I've opted to put in the usemap into
the DTD, which seems to work well. I pulled the definition out of the XHTML DTD and simplified
it to fit in with forrest. And it's quite lovely that with the XSLT the tags pass on through
and render correctly, so I'm very pleased to not have to dig around in the XSLT conversion

If anyone else is interested, I can post my changes and I will research the proper methods
for doing so.

thanks again,

Tamara Harpster

 --- On Sun 09/26, David Crossley < > wrote:
From: David Crossley [mailto:]
Date: 26 Sep 2004 14:07:56 +1000
Subject: Re: how to use usemap in img tag

Tamara Harpster wrote:<br>> I am interested in using the usemap attribute in the
image tag,<br>> but I haven't seen the equivalent tags for the map itself in<br>>
the 2.0 DTD. Is there another way to define the map for an<br>> image or is it something
that still needs to be added to the<br>> DTD? And if it can be done using other tags,
is there an<br>> example document I can look at. I've searched through the e-mail<br>>
archives and looked at the sample documentation and searched<br>> google and haven't
found anything.<br><br>There various ways. With the current Forrest trunk,<br>use
the file extension ".html" for your source files.<br>Then any html elements are available.
See the "ihtml"<br>sample in a fresh "forrest seed" site.<br><br>Another
way is to add your own specific document type.<br>See the "Download" example in the
"Using Forrest" document.<br><br>If you want to enhance the Forrest 2.0 DTD to
handle<br>other capabilities, then there is only one rule:<br>Any additions need
to be directed toward proper XHTML2.<br><br>Anyway, experiment with your local
Forrest.<br><br>-- <br>David Crossley<br><br>

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