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From Jason End <>
Subject Re: screenshot scaling
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:58:04 GMT

If this is implemented, documentation should recommend
that images be scaled proportionally, so the
thumbnails look the best possible. Non-proportional
scales are usually what messes images up. That could
be done using % in the width/height setting, or
finding the porportional pixel lengths. 
So thumbnail sizes for 1024x768 images would be
128x96, 256x192,  512x384...

If you want, contact me when it's documentation time,
and I'll write it up.


Charles Palmer wrote:
>This is an issue that I am also going to have to deal
>with as I try to
>migrate my OOo manuals to Forrest. I can link to an
>image file, which OOo
>can scale to suit me, but the chances are that the
>image size will be wrong
>if the same image file is referenced in a Forrest
>document. You might want a
>smaller image in the HTML, but still want to be able
>to view the image at
>the full resoution (think: screen shots).
>Now, if images could be referenced using the site:
>mechanism as hrefs  (<img
>src="site:images/screenshot">), then you could
control >how images were
>rendered with something like this (in site.xml):
><images href="full-size-images/">
>    <screenshot href="ss1.bmp" width="100"
height="60" >expand="Click to view
>this screen shot full-size"/>
>The height and width attributes limit the size when
>viewed in the main page
>(simply pass the attributes through to the HTML <img>
>tag which will allow
>the browser to do the scaling), and if the expand
>attribute is present then
>render the image something like this:
><a href="full-size-images/screenshot.html">
>   <img src="full-size-images/ss1.bmp" width="100"
>   alt="Click to view this screen shot full-size" />
>No doubt a few details missing but you get the idea.
>What do you think?

>Charles Palmer

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