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From Joao Miguel Ferreira <>
Subject non english languages (was: Simple question from a newbie)
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 22:21:58 GMT
Hello all,
Hello thorsten,

Now I know what was wrong: it seems that forrest "doesn't like

If I write bad portuguese (without á, é, à, ó, ê, etc) I get "BUIL

If I write good portuguese (with á, é, à, ó, ê, etc) I get "BUIL FAILED"
on the file containing those chars.

Sorry about the confusion... I'm just starting.

So, next question: how do I tell forrest that my site is written in
portuguese ?

And: how can I get more verbosity form "forrest validate" ?

thank you


> > At the end of section "3 - Seeding a new Project" the document tells me
> > to copy "index.xml" to "my-new-file.xml" and so I did. I added some text
> > in the correct places (so I think !!!)
> > 
> Nupp, you may have an open tag somewhere, or used tags that are not 
> allowed by the dtd.
> > /home/jmf/forrest/apache-forrest-0.5.1-bin/ Could
> > not validate document
> > /home/jmf/forrest_work/teste1/src/documentation/content/xdocs/my-new-file.xml
> > 

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