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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: how to use usemap in img tag
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2004 01:58:50 GMT
Tamara Harpster wrote:
> Thanks for the reply and the help. I am converting existing
> HTML to XML in order to be able to use the skins with the
> current version of the trunk and to get the PDF output
>  And, I'm working to do it very quickly, with a lot of files,
> so, I've opted to put in the usemap into the DTD, which seems
> to work well. I pulled the definition out of the XHTML DTD
> and simplified it to fit in with forrest. And it's quite lovely
> that with the XSLT the tags pass on through and render correctly,
> so I'm very pleased to not have to dig around in the XSLT
> conversion much. 
> If anyone else is interested, I can post my changes and I will
> research the proper methods for doing so.

You beauty Tamara. That is great news.

Please add it to the Jira issue tracker as an Improvement.
.... Forrest home page => Project tab => Bugs and issues.

Then do this ...
cd $FORREST ... the top-level directory
svn status ... to see what you have changed
svn diff > usemap.diff
... review it to be sure.

Then attach it to your Jira issue description.

David Crossley

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