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From David Crossley <>
Subject using the head of svn trunk
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2004 03:59:07 GMT
Vincent Bray wrote:
Subject: Re: links broken in the last version and TOC
> David Crossley wrote: 
> > There is a new bug:
> >
> > Go back to a stable version 'svn update -r 46171'
> This one got me too :-/ Thanks for the quick response.

That bug is fixed now.

> Random thought: is there a way using svn to flag the need for a rebuild?
> Or should those of us using the svn head simply run ./ after
> every 'svn up'?

You can watch the SVN messages when you do 'svn update'.
(If you want more detail then subscribe to svn mailing list.)

If the changes are anything to do with the guts of Forrest,
such as *.java then you definitely need to do 'build clean'
then 'build'.

Since Forrest uses itself in-place, most updates have immediate
effect, so no need to rebuild.

Perhaps someone else has a more definitive answer.

David Crossley

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