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From "Stephen Schaub" <>
Subject Generating aggregate PDF's
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 17:23:11 GMT
As a followup to my previous post -- Oops -- I just re-read the original
thread, and realized that I misunderstood the topic under discussion.

So let me start a new thread on the issue of specifying subset aggregate
documents for PDF generation. I'll quote my previous post again here for

Forrest needs a good mechanism for specifying a subset of pages to convert
to PDF. I suggest that we explore something like this (hypothetical section
of a site.xml):

<about label="About" >
    <home label="Home" href="index.html" />
    <vision label="NextGen Vision" href="vision.html"   />
    <ranking label="Ranking" href="ranking.html" />

    <printout label="Printout" href="printout.pdf" pdfonly="true">
      <pdf_overview label="Overview">
          <pdf_vision label="NextGen Vision" href="vision.html"   />
 <pdf_ranking label="Ranking" href="ranking.html" />
      <pdf_usecases label="Use cases" href="usecases/" >
        <pdf_uc_summary label="Summary" href="index.html" />
        <pdf_process_sale label="Process Sale" href="process_sale.html" />
        <pdf_handle_returns label="Handle Returns"
href="handle_returns.html" />
        <pdf_submit_solution label="Submit Solution"
href="submit_solution.html" />

Notice the <printout> element with attribute pdfonly="true". This defines a
set of project documents to include in a pdf named printout.pdf. Unlike the
current "pdf-tab" approach, the children of the <printout> element would not
appear in the menu.

This approach would allow me to specify not only which documents to include
in a PDF, but also the ordering and structure of the documents.



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