The default site.xml contains this:
  <whole_site_html href="site.html" label="Whole Site HTML" />
  <whole_site_html href="site.pdf" label="Whole Site PDF" />
and this page: says this: "Note: Forrest's default sitemap defines a whole-site HTML and PDF, available as site.html and site.pdf."
and this page: says this: "By default Forrest generates a pdf file for each separate document of your project. As well you can create a pdf of the whole site. But sometimes it may be necessary to generate a pdf file out of selected tab, i.e. only for certain parts of the site."
Now, I want to start investigating creating pdfs "only for certain parts of the site", and I guess the lengthy link above will guide me through this. But from the above comments I would have expected to see a site.pdf, containing the whole site, but I don't.
Why can't I see site.pdf? and am I safe to follow the instructions in the link above to create pdfs from multiple pages, or is there more to it...