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From Dave Brondsema <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice: Who is Hugo?
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2004 17:19:29 GMT
On Tue, 17 Aug 2004, Charles Palmer wrote:

> Team
> I made a more complex document (based on a fresh OpenOffice document, rather
> than the Forrest openoffice-writer.sxw) with various instances of different
> headings etc. It seemed to work OK but:
> Forrest doesn't seem to like a Heading 4 following a Heading 2 without an
> intervening Heading 3 - we get hugo showing up again. Interestingly, when I
> save the file from OpenOffice in DocBook format, Open Office inserts an
> empty Heading 3 <title/> tag  in between the Heading 2 stuff and the Heading
> 4 stuff:

I think the ooffice->docv12 stylesheet makes heading X nested X levels
deep.  There's no other way in docv12 to specify a type of section other
than how deep it's nested.  So that's why a heading 3 is necessary.
Similarly DocBook (I think) requires sect4 to be within sect3, not within
sect2.  So a title-less sect3 is created by openoffice.

Tonight I'll remove the hugo title and make that section have no title.

> <sect2><title>ANOTHER H2</title>
> <para>some text.</para>
> <sect3><title/>
> <sect4><title>A spurious H4</title>
> <para>to see what happens</para>
> <para/>
> <para/></sect4></sect3></sect2></sect1></article>
> Essentially the same thing happens if a Heading 3 follows a Heading 1
> without an intervening Heading 2.
> Now, I don't think this explains the problems with Forrest's
> openoffice-writer.sxw, but it may shine a little light on the problem.

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