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From Leeman Strout <>
Subject ihtml <object>'s and presentation.
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 15:16:17 GMT
I'm using an <object> in ihtml to get a PHP script presented as content 
of my forrest interface.  The problem is that Firefox .9.3 (and any 
other Gecko browser I've tried) renders the included object into a box 
of a fixed size, no matter the size of the content.

Interestingly IE6 renders it "more" correctly.  The object is of the 
correct size, however IE incorrectly adds an inactive scrollbar.

Obviously there are browser issues in effect here, however given that IE 
is working adequately I'd really like to resolve the Gecko presentation.

Are there any tricks I can pull to get this rendered correctly?  What I 
want is for the object contents to define the size of the box they're 
displayed in so there is no scrolling needed (other than the primary 
browser window).

I've checked with both my PHP script and a straight html source for the 
object, they both end up in the same size box.

Here's the pertinent page source through Firefox:
     |start content
<div id="content">
<div id="skinconf-txtlink"></div>
<a name="N1000F"></a><a name="Leeman%27s+Page"></a>
<h2 class="boxed">Leeman's Page</h2>
<div class="section">
<!-- <object type="text/html" data="/php/leeman/index.php?cat=1" 
height="100%" width="100%"></object>
<object data="/test2.html" height="100%" type="text/html" 
     |end content

Thanks again,

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