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From Leeman Strout <>
Subject Re: ihtml and <object>'s, forrest is trying to build the URI source
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 13:39:38 GMT
Hmm, followed that FAQ to the letter, no change at all in the behaviour.
Here's my explicit change to cli.xconf:
    <exclude pattern="**php**"/>

As the FAQ states, I copied the original cli.xconf to 

Editing the distribution cli.xconf does yield the correct response, 
those links are listed in the build as being skipped.


Dave Brondsema wrote:

> Leeman Strout wrote:
>> I have ihtml in a few locations using <object>'s like this:
>> <object type="text/html" data="/php/index.php?cat=1"></object>
>> The only difference between files is pathing and the number after cat=.
>> The forrest build process is attempting to build "/php/index.php?cat=1"
>> X [0]                                     /php/index.php?cat=1
>>     BROKEN: No pipeline matched request: /php/index.php
>> What can I do to prevent/fix this?  I was hoping that by making it a 
>> rooted URI that forrest wouldn't try to process it.  Since this is 
>> bouncing between development/production I don't want to do a concrete 
>> URI: "http://site/php/index.php?cat=1"
>> Thanks,
>> Leeman
> See
> I'm surprised you're getting this error on data=, forrest should only 
> traverse href=

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