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From Thorsten Scherler <>
Subject disable breadcrumbs in pelt
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2004 02:07:00 GMT
Leeman Strout wrote:
 > Sorry about that...
 > To continue:
 > Lastly, I can't get pelt to not display breadcrumbs.  I have changed
 > within skinconf.xml the following:
 >   <trail>
 >     <link1 name="" href=""/>
 >     <link2 name="" href=""/>
 >     <link3 name="" href=""/>
 >   </trail>
 > And I still get the breadcrumbs.  And in fact I just tested and it may
 > not be just pelt... but I don't know where it would be.  pelt and crust
 > both display breadcrumbs no matter how I change the above.
 > So how do you *really* get breadcrumbs to go away?

Use location="none" to not display the trail (if the skin supports it). 
-> pelt will ;-)

I just enabled it for pelt, will have to do it for crust the next days. 
Just update your dis.


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