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From Leeman Strout <>
Subject Re: Pelt has a bug (and this is the post where I tell you what it is. :)
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 20:58:13 GMT
Sorry about that...

To continue:

Lastly, I can't get pelt to not display breadcrumbs.  I have changed 
within skinconf.xml the following:

     <link1 name="" href=""/>
     <link2 name="" href=""/>
     <link3 name="" href=""/>

And I still get the breadcrumbs.  And in fact I just tested and it may 
not be just pelt... but I don't know where it would be.  pelt and crust 
both display breadcrumbs no matter how I change the above.

So how do you *really* get breadcrumbs to go away?


Leeman Strout wrote:

> I'm attempting to work with the pelt skin to get it to look how I'd like.
> Firstly, is it possible to put in a little helper line for skinconf.xml 
> for the TOC entry?  I had set max/min to 0 (similar to Forrest 0.5) 
> expecting the TOC to disappear.  Well it did, but the <UL> was still 
> there.  I randomly tried setting everything to "", and it worked.
> Secondly, how can I put in custom CSS for a skin?  In the pelt skin I'd 
> like the tabs to NOT be all CAPS.  This should be a simple thing, right? 
>  It'd would be nice if it were a simple matter of sticking this:
> #tabs li a {
>    text-transform: none;
> }
> into some file inside my project (which file is hopefully the nice 
> simple answer for me).
> Thanks,
> Leeman

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