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From "Fabio Rinaldi" <>
Subject Re: XML and broken external links, known issue?
Date Sat, 14 Aug 2004 12:03:50 GMT

Dave Brondsema writes:
 > > this is just to report on another minor problem. If I enable xml
 > > links (in skinconf.xml, I changed the value of 'disable-xml-link' from
 > > true to false), then during creation of the site I get a number of
 > > error reports on broken links that I do not get otherwise. However,
 > > the site seems to be generated correctly anyway.
 > Enabling xml links is not very common and so this is probably is a bug 
 > we need to fix.  I am creating a bug report in our issue tracker.

a little correction:

On closer inspection I verified that it is not all external links: only
external links that are within files which are placed in a
subdirectory of xdocs. 

I.e. if a file containing external links is
placed in the xdocs directory, the links are processed correctly.
If it is placed in a subdirectory, they are not.


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