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From "Fabio Rinaldi" <>
Subject Re: Solaris problem
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 17:59:01 GMT

Dear David and all,

I am happy to report that the problem I had with version 0.5.1 on
Solaris disappeared when I tested the latest snapshot
(forrest_20040806164102.tar.gz). Instead, the problem of bash-specific
commands in bin/forrest is still there (I had to manually modify it).

As for svn:

David Crossley writes:
 > Yeah, you will love it. The command-line client is so easy.

But it is also quite difficult to install, as it requires up to date
versions of various software, which would in turn require quite
some time to be installed (or updated). Given that the current version
of Forrest seems to be so much better than 0.5.1, wouldn't it make
sense to provide a tarball for those who do not want to follow the
very latest developments but still would like to use the latest
features of this great piece of software... (without necessarily
installing svn). 


 > > Is there a way to get the latest stable revision
 > > without svn?
 > This concept of stable revision in a 0.* release
 > is something that i just invented to get us through
 > this phase when the head is broken. There are certain
 > times when the head is less stable, but it is always
 > unstable.
 > I am going to revert the recent changes, then today's
 > snapshots will be fine. The first will be 4 hours away.
 > get it from
 > (We should actually do that final phase of development
 > on a branch.)
 > However remember that snapshots are automatically
 > generated at a certain time, while Forrest is quickly
 > evolving. Better to install svn.
 > > Btw, I discovered the cause of the first of the two problems reported
 > > below (trying to set FORREST_HOME in bin/forrest). Basically this piece of
 > > code is using bash syntax which is not backward compatible with sh. On
 > > default linux installations, /bin/sh is simply a link to /bin/bash,
 > > but on Solaris it is not.
 > We were trying to keep agnostic. That piece of code was
 > a recent addition.
 > > My suggestion is to call explicitly
 > > 
 > > /bin/bash 
 > However, bash might not be on all UNIX systems.

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