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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Forrest available-skins only lists test* skins
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 00:33:03 GMT
Clay Leeds wrote:
> I was looking again for skins (seems to be a recurring theme[1] :-)),

Why are you looking for additional skins? Those concepts
from those old experimental skins are being added to the
current default skins, mainly "pelt-dev" but also "crust".

> and couldn't find them when I ran the /forrest available-skins/ 
> command. It lists testskin & testskin2, but doesn't list the other 
> skins which I believe should be 'available':

I just added a comment to 'forrest available-skins' to provide
some guidance.

> # Specifies name of Forrest skin to use
> There's probably a reason it doesn't list these others, but I don't 
> know what it is.

Only that no-one has found time to add that capability.

> I can understand why pelt-dev isn't listed, but don't 
> understand why the others aren't listed with a brief description.

Later we will add an automated description. For the moment

David Crossley

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