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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Trying Forrest 0.6
Date Mon, 09 Aug 2004 12:22:38 GMT
Charles Palmer wrote:
> You refer me to here: which seems to
> require me to first download and install Subversion (SVN), then use SVN to
> grab a copy of Forrest, then build it. Is that right?

That is one way to get the source (the best way).

> In which case what does this page mean
> when it says this: "There are also compressed source snapshots that are
> built every 6 hours" (and links to some 41M byte .tar.gz files). Can I
> download one of these as an alternative to the SVN approach, or what?

That is correct. However, remember that it is a snapshot
in time. You get an exact copy of the whole of the Forrest
source tree. As we fix more issues and enhance the docs,
your copy will get out-of-date.

Get a snaphot for now, to experiment with. Then either wait
for the official release of 0.6 or get your local SVN
client installed.

Sounds like we need to tweak some doco.

(Oh, i don't know what operating system you are on, but the
files in the snapshot will have UNIX line-endings.)

> My
> network admin guy is on holiday and I don't want to go round installing more
> s/w on my machine than I have to - if I cock up and he has to dig me out I'm
> in trouble! Is installing SVN going to be trouble-free?

No-one is go to guarantee anything.

David Crossley

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