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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Solaris problem
Date Wed, 04 Aug 2004 23:37:28 GMT
Fabio Rinaldi wrote:
> first of all, apologies if this question has already been asked
> before. I am completely new to Forrest and to this list.

Note: Be aware that we are close to releasing 0.6 and i suggest
that you only experiment with 0.5.1

> I have downloaded Forrest 0.5.1 and installed it on our machines
> (running Solaris). When I tested it with 'forrest seed' and 'forrest
> site', the latter stop with the following error message:
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> * [0]   2.994s 766b    favicon.ico
> * [0]   1.698s 0b      index.html
> X [0]                       index.html  BROKEN: URI not found
> Total time: 0 minutes 16 seconds
> /opt/apache/forrest/ Java returned: 1
> ------------------------------------------------------------

This pathname is strange because there is no such file at
the top-level of forrest-0.5.1

Are you sure that you have the enviroment variables PATH and
FORREST_HOME set properly?


> Various attempts to track down the problem have failed. The only
> workaround that I have found is to place a "index.html" file in
> "src/documentation/content/". This prevents the problem, but then the
> generated site contains only "index.html", "test1.html" and
> "test2.html".
> Later I have repeated the installation on my linux laptop (using
> exactly the same package), and it works just fine: I get the 'initial'
> web site that I was expecting.
> Has this problem been reported before? I could not find it in the FAQ
> (but I had only a quick look). Can anyone help?
> Best,
> Fabio Rinaldi 
> Department of Informatics
> Institute of Computational Linguistics        
> University of Zurich
> Winterthurerstr. 190       
> CH-8057 Zurich            

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