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From "Charles Palmer" <>
Subject What is DTD v2.0 ?
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 20:52:47 GMT

This page: says this: 
"Updated all v1.2 DTDs to become v1.3 DTDs...Updated the v2.0a DTDs to become v2.0 DTDs"

But this page: only mentions "v13" DTDs, which
I take to be V1.3 DTDs for the native Forrest document formats.

I can't see any reference on the Forrest site to v2.0 DTDs other than these.

Also - Nicola Ken Barozzi  suggested "Go with the forrest format, version 2.0, it's the easiest."-
which I took to be a reference to DTD v2.0.

What are they? Is this an undocumented DTD for Forrest native documents, or something else.
(I think we should be told - ed) 

[  Now - apologies to those of you who are not UK citizens and Private Eye readers - search
Google for {"I think we should be told" Private Eye} - what this means is - there is something
going on here - could those of you who know tell the rest of us :-)  ]


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